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Thread: old engine oil

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    Default old engine oil

    While cleaning out the garage, way in the back, I discovered a case of engine oil, 10w40. Unused, still in sealed plastic bottles. It has likely been there for 15 years. Can the oil still be safely used in my Tacoma after sitting around that long?

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    Take a look at what oil is required for your vehicle, then see what it is.
    Going by weight alone, I would say no, pending weather driven in.
    If your Taco calls for 5w30 (5 winter 30), the oil acts (or pours) like a 5 weight at zero degrees centigrade.
    And at 100 degrees centigrade it pours like a 30 weight.

    Basically, it will have a certain thin-ness at certain temps.

    I always use what was requested by the manufacturer.

    The other thing, is through the years, oil gets better and better (more stringent requirements or more refined)

    There is an API rating, and I will put a wikipedia link at the end of this to better explain.

    But, an older oil would be SL or SJ and the bottle will say what it is.
    Your oil cap may or may not, depending make and model of vehicle and so on.

    But, your owners manual will say.

    And the newer API grades are SM and SN.

    Hope this helps.

    In any event, you can maybe use it in a mower or chain saw oil in a pinch.

    But, they too, have certain requirements, and would only use it as maybe an oil can to lube hinges or in a mower not cared about.


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