On Amazon, I was looking for their prices on some H11's, as I wanted a brighter fog, as we use our fogs as a supplement light source as we age.

Their are many brands, and I am not endorsing one or the other, but I got some Hikari H11 LED's and they were proud of em at 69.99.

But, let me tell ya,they are 4 times brighter than my two year old headlight low beams, and DOT compliant.

They are like natural daylight, awesome.

I ordered a set for the wife (they give 5 dollar refund once a good review is submitted, then forwarded to them, on your second set).

I also ordered another set for my high beam / low beam H4's.

I cannot wait to drive in the dark fully equipped.

they were so good (the fogs), that I almost didn't use my high beams.

I haven't been flashed by oncoming drivers, but it does help them shut down their high beams without flashing them.

One thing I was looking for or the things really were IP67 or IP68 (waterproof, see wikipedia explanation of IP designation, but IP65 is not, really, IP67 or 68 is up to 3 foot submersible, good for fogs especially in flooding areas or stream driving your tacos.

The other thing is warranty, these are guaranteed two years, so that is good. Some are three years.

Happy hunting.

Let me know any questions.