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Thread: OEM or aftermarket?

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    Default OEM or aftermarket?

    What are the best brands for:

    front disk brakes
    wheel bearing seals and grease

    2003 tacoma with 68k miles on it. 2wd, 5 speed. 2.3L engine. No options except the enhancement package (AC, allow wheels, painted bumpers, and 2 extra front speakers).

    No short trips under 5 miles. Rarely driven on the highway. No off roading, no mud. Although many of the roads here are packed shell rock and very old worn out asphalt. West central florida. 3 miles from the beach. Most times its just used like a car. very rarely anything heavy transported, although seven times since 2003 I loaded her up to and maybe even beyond the rated capacity.

    Finally I need new front brakes and will repack the front wheel bearings at the same time. Once in 14 years not too bad, huh? Should I go OEM or are there equal or better quality after market parts available.


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    I went with aftermarket on my Tota, and will be going back to factory next go around.
    2010 Yaris
    2007 Camry
    (former 09 access cab owner)


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