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Thread: Limited slip differential problem

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    Question Limited slip differential problem

    My 2006 double cab 4x4 has a shudder in the driveline at start up. Toyota has said it is the limited slip rear end. They are changing out the fluids in the differential and adding the additive for the limited slip. Has anyone had this problem before?

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    If it's a clunk or a slop that could very well be the cause. Not to sure that changing fluids will fix, the additive may help or it could be a really LOOSE limited slip.

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    Default LSD noise issue and fluid change...

    I just saw your post and thought i w/put in my 2 pennies worth. Yep I had similar noise issues w / 1990 GMC Suburban when new and it was solved by adding the LSD additive.
    I have a new '09 Tacoma and have not had any noise issues yet , but as I am an Amsoil dealer (since 1996)I only use Amsoil Synthetics. I have used their lubes in manual trannys, rear differentials and of course their oil and filters and have never had any problems. I am a stickler about maintenance and started using Amsoil because they advertised "extended drain intervals." I had been using Castrol GTX for years changing it at 3000 mile intervals but I was having to change it every 5-6 weeks as I was commuting75 miles/day as a teacher driving to Bandera from San Antonio daily. I figured that even though Amsoil was 2 1/2 as expensive as petroleum oil, if I could extend the drain interval , it would equal out money wise and I could save a lot of labor and hassle.But first I wanted to be sure that it would work as advertised.
    Amsoil has always advertised that their oil is good for 25,000 miles(or one year). I figured that while I was not comfortable w/25k miles ,being synthetic I would try it for 2 1/2 times my old interval of 3000 miles or 7500 miles. I had just bought a new 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 318 5.2 liter 5spd manual. At 3000 miles I switched over to Amsoil and noticed an immediate improvement of between .75 and 1 mpg. Also when i checked the oil at 1000 and 3000 miles it was a light brown rather than dk brown or black and even at 7500 miles when I changed it the oil was still a medium brown whereas the petroleum oil used to be black by 3000 miles. That proved to me that the Amsoil was doing a much better job. My son bought my old 92 Silverado 4.3 liter v-6 5spd with 115,000 miles on it. The truck was in like new condition appearance wise and the only "problem " was oil smoke on start up especially when the weather was cold. This is a very common problem with Chevy 90degree v-6's and small block v-8's due to drying out and cracking of the intake valve seals.I know people that had new seals installed 2-3 times in 100 k miles. The only solution was to replace them with a better "Viton" seal.Anyway after my son bought it, he started using Amsoil and the start up smoking went away... apparently the Amsoil had "re-energized the old oil seals and the smoking stopped! He sold the truck in 2001 (with 175,000 miles) when he ordered a new one and said that it had just started to puff a little when started cold but went away after 5-10 seconds.
    Since then I have used it in a 99 Mustang GT(24-28mpg), an '03 Dodge Ram1500 4.7 ltr 5spd, an 06 Mazda 6 2.3 5spd and now my new 09 Tacoma.Amsoil does not advertise as a company but from ALL the test results that I have seen , it is the BEST lubricant available in this country . Their wheel bearing grease is fantastic... A south texas racer was replacing his right front bearing every 3 races after having one seize putting him in the wall. I got him to try the Amsoil grease and he no longer changes bearings at all, just changes the grease once before each new season. ( Yes he checked 'em after every couple of races but all he saw was amsoil bright red grease so he now just changes/repacks 'em .


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